Training For Ultra

Mentoring Program (12-Month Commitment, paid monthly)

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Mentoring Program (3-Month Commitment)

    • Let's work together to help you get after your goals!
    • This isn't coaching, this is mentoring
    • Initial 1-hour phone call to talk about your background and goals
    • Unlimited email/message communications, but we will setup a monthly one-on-one phone call to discuss your progress - we're in this together
    • Get a weekly mentoring task
    • I want to hear your story and help you as much as I can
    • I'll review and discuss all things running and ultra with you, plus more
    • How is this different from coaching? I'm not giving you workout plans or checking in on your miles.  We can discuss these things of course and I can share my thoughts on it, but my focus is way beyond the miles
    • I'll share whatever I can and will refer you to the best if I can't offer what you need
    • Shared communications of your daily updates via share docs
    • Get detailed gear, nutrition, hydration recommendations - but that's just a starting point
    • Extreme endurance insights - I'll share whatever I can for races that go beyond 24 hours and more
    • Other training strategies, mental training, sleep strategies, meditation
    • Race selection, race logistics and recommendations, pre-race strategy, recommendations of how to run course specifics, review race sections
    • Let me share as much of my race experience with you
    • No refunds will be available, so please pick the plan that works best for you.  Time extensions will be considered in certain circumstances.