Training For Ultra's Training Diaries - Issue #13


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Guest: Danielle Quatrochi

Episode Title: Danielle Quatrochi - President & COO of Outside Inc.

Bio: Danielle Quatrochi is an accomplished Boulder-based marathoner, wife, mother to three young girls, dog owner, and, by day, the president and COO of Outside Inc. Danielle has worked for Outside Inc. since the Fall of 2019. She started running in high school, and in college she ran on the track and field team. Today she continues to excel in the marathon. In 2012, she qualified for the Olympic trials in the marathon. Danielle has competed in everything from the 10000 meters to the marathon, some of her personal bests include running the 15k in 57:21, running the half-marathon 1:19:36, and running the marathon in 2:44:56. Danielle’s very favorite marathon experience was the New York Marathon, although her PB was at the California International Marathon. Due to her busy schedule as a mother, COO, dog owner, and amazing runner Danielle understands the importance of avoiding injury by not overtraining and tries to make every workout count. Danielle likes to squeeze in her daily 8 mile run early in the morning. Danielle believes in being present and focused on the moment and avoids ruminating, which means when she is at work she is working, when she is running, she is running, and when she is with her family she is with her family. It is this great mindset which allows Danielle to successfully compartmentalize and excel in a variety of areas in her life. According to Danielle long-distance running has taught her perseverance and that success is a long-term process achieved through many hours of hard work. 

*Note - Danielle said Outside Interactive inadvertently during the interview and was meaning to say Outside Inc.

Quotes from podcast episode:

“Once I found that consistency, I was able to really train at the level to improve and since I kept improving that became my obsession of “I wonder how fast or how far I can go by working hard.”” - 13:03 Danielle Quatrochi 

“Having children has just been one of those things where because I need to be there for them and I wanted to do running I was really good at focusing on the task at hand, so if I had to show up for a workout, with my coach, I showed up to do my work out and make the most of it, so I could immediately go home and be there for what they needed.” 18:27 Danielle Quatrochi 

“I have loved the balance. I think I even became a better runner with children because I didn’t focus all my mental energy on running because I didn’t have time to and I actually think that helped me become a better runner because I didn’t stress out about what my workout was, or what race I had coming up, or whatever, because I was focused on them and so, when I would show up, I was all about, “ok let’s show up, I want to do great and then I can go home…” It gave me a balance because I wasn’t all about one thing.” 19:05 Danielle Quatrochi 

“My busyness energizes me and I do struggle, maybe, when I have too much unstructured time on my hands, maybe I would become an ultramarathoner if I had more time!” - 22:50  Danielle Quatrochi 

“I would not accomplish as much as I do at work without that run.” - 26:40 Danielle Quatrochi

“We have an opportunity to get people to try new activities that maybe they have never tried before or get a bit more knowledgeable so they might want to sign up for a marathon versus just doing the 5 k and there is something very motivating and very gratifying around helping the community at large be more active… It makes you feel better.” 39:45 Danielle Quatrochi 

“I like to see things more through running than I do just visiting as a tourist.” - 55:06 Danielle Quatrochi 

“Women can accomplish great things.” - 58:00 Danielle Quatrochi 

“Just because you start in one area doesn’t mean that’s where you’re going to end up… There is no perfect path.” 1:03:32 Danielle Quatrochi 

“I still get as much joy out of running as I did ten years ago.” - 1:07:24 Danielle Quatrochi 

“A lot of my joy now comes watching my kids participate in these sports.” 1:07:55  Danielle Quatrochi 

Episode Timeline:

2:50 Outside Inc.

4:55 Impact of COVID-19

6:20 Danielle’s running origins

10:20 High school swimming and running

11:35 Dealing with injury

14:45 Motherhood

20:50 Being fulfilled by full days

22:30 Active meditation

27:20 Sleep and productivity

29:30 Danielle’s typical work day

34:00 Transition from traditional media and print advertising to a more modern and membership-based business 

35:45 In-person experiences

39:10 What Danielle is most excited about

42:50 Applying technology in order to create a more personal and curated user experience

47:35 Shock versus quality to drive engagement

51:05 Family oriented content

52:25 Olympic Trials experience

54:55 Ultramarathons?

56:20 Words of wisdom

59:50 Advice for the ambitious youth

1:05:20 Five years in the future

Social Media:

LinkedIn: Danielle Quatrochi - President & Chief Operating Officer - Outside | LinkedIn Instagram: Danielle Quatrochi (@dquatrochi) • Instagram photos and videos Twitter: Danielle Quatrochi (@runquatro) / Twitter

Sponsors: Sherman Performance, Boulder Running Company, & First Endurance 

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