Rob is a filmmaker, book author, podcaster, and published photographer. Below are a few highlights of his work.  His podcast has well over 1 million downloads with the goal of inspiring people to get out and run.

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2022 - Co-directing an outdoor-based indie narrative feature film

2021 - Co-writing an outdoor-based indie narrative feature film with Allison Powell

2021 - Product Photography - Tanri Outdoor

2021 - Commercial film/photos for XoSkin - an athletic clothing company 



2021 - The Funny Runner featuring Brittany Charboneau (April 2021)

2020 - Running the Triple Crown - TV Show featuring himself, collaboration w/ Ryan Clayton Productions (released June 2020)

Smaller YouTube Projects

2019 - Sub-4 to States featuring Matt Daniels (released Sept 2019).  This was Rob's first official film project, bitting off telling Matt Daniels' record attempt at being the first person to both run a sub-4 minute mile and then transitioning into the world of competitive 100 mile ultramarathons, culminating at the 2019 Western States 100 Mile Endurance Run.

2018 - Running Four Days - The Moab 240 featuring himself (released Nov 2018)


2019 - Training For Ultra, By Rob Steger (published 2019)

Rob is a self-published book author, having self-produced nearly all aspects of the book, Training For Ultra, even including the cover design and audiobook recording.  He enjoys writing and is currently exploring writing film scripts.



2020 - Ultrarunning Magazine (November 2020 Print Issue and Online)

2020 - Ultrarunning Magazine (March 2020 Print Issue and Online)

2020 - Ultrarunning Magazine (February 2020 Print Issue and Online)

Rob is a published photographer, having multiple photos within print copies of Ultrarunning Magazine.  This magazine has some of the highest photographic standards within the sport of running.  Below are some examples from those publications of his work;