Training For Ultra's Training Diaries - Issue #19

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Guest: Dan LaMorte

Episode Title: 195. Catching Up w/ Dan LaMorte - Uptempo ~ 30 Minute Episode

Bio: Dan LaMorte is an inspiring ultrarunning comedian. This extraordinary combination means you can find Dan on everything from FOX’s Red Eye and Gotham Comedy Live to Runner’s World and Muscle and Fitness. Dan’s running journey started when he was 23 years old after a health scare and was told he would need to lose 15% of his body weight. This health scare motivated Dan to change up his diet and start running; he ended up losing about 180 pounds. Dan ran his first ultramarathon last March. His first ultra was the Naked Bavarian 40 mile race in Pennsylvania and his next race, which is scheduled for this November, is the 55-mile Batona Trail Race. Dan hopes to continue to inspire others to live a healthier lifestyle, and if all goes according to plan, in the future, you might see Dan at some of his bucket list races, including Western States or the Leadville 100. In this new short T4U episode format, Dan and Rob discuss Dan’s upcoming race, the unique challenges of flat races, and Rob answers some of Dan’s last-minute race questions, including whether or not Starbursts are a good source of energy during races. This is an excellent episode because Dan picks Rob’s brain about some of ultrarunning’s most important yet least addressed aspects. Listeners will also get to hear who Dan’s favorite comedian is and who his favorite runner is. T4U hopes you enjoy this energizing burst of information and inspiration. 

Dan’s Previous T4U Appearance:

Quotes from podcast episode: 

“I would like to get a 100 done in 2022.” - Dan LaMorte 19:01

“City running and ultrarunning are obviously a lot different because I like practicing and getting miles in on the trails, and the streets of New York are a little bit different, but it gives you that same exhilarating feeling when you run in the street and cars really don’t care.” - Dan LaMorte 21:55

“I have had many cars not give two sh*ts about me.” Dan LaMorte 22:14

“That makes you feel like an Olympian. I am looking down at my watch, and I am like holy crap, look at this pace man you’re gonna be a professional one day.” - Dan LaMorte 24:11

“I have saved up money over the past few years, and I am excited to just watch it deplete rapidly in New York” - Dan LaMorte 22:15

Episode Timeline:

4:00 Recovering from injury and consistent training

7:25 Spooky finds on the trail including baby doll heads

9:30 Race strategy 

11:15 Are Starbursts good race fuel? And other nutrition questions and strategies?

18:15 Dan’s upcoming races

21:00 Dan’s monthly comedy show and apartment update!

22:00 City running versus trail and ultrarunning

23:30 Orchard Street Runners

24:00 Dan’s Alphafly review

26:00 What if you make it big on Netflix?

28:00 Dan’s health

28:35 Dan’s favorite comedian

31:12 Dan’s favorite runner (hint he has been on T4U once before 2021 Badwater 135 Race Recap LIVE with race winner Harvey Lewis and 6th overall Dion Leonard - YouTube)

Social Media:

Instagram: Dan LaMorte (@danlamorte) • Instagram photos and videos Facebook: Dan LaMorte - Home | Facebook Twitter: Dan LaMorte (@DanLaMorte) / Twitter Website: Dan LaMorte