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Guest: Harvey Lewis

Episode Title: Harvey Lewis on Winning Badwater 135! w/ 6th Place Dion Leonard

Bio: Harvey Lewis is an ultrarunner and social studies teacher from Ohio. He has been running ultramarathons for the past 25 years. This year marks Harvey’s 10th time racing at Badwater and it is his second Badwater 135 win! Although Harvey admits Badwater is his favorite race he likes to challenge himself with a variety of races and has an incredibly diverse running resume. Harvey has run everything from the Arrowhead 135, and Big’s Backyard Ultra to stage races such as Ultra Gobi and the Marathon Des Sables.  Harvey is on the Cliff pacing team and as of 2020 he has been on the US 24-hour team 5 times - this is the most of all men and women competitors. Harvey credits his ultrarunning success to his vegan diet and human-powered commuting and hopes his lifestyle and success inspires others to adopt healthier habits. 

Quote from podcast episode: 

“At 45 I feel the healthiest of my life.” - 4:00

“I love that ultrarunning has all these different specializations.” - 13:58

“My finish could have been better if I had run the first half a little better.” - 30:48

“You can adapt your body and train no matter where you are on the planet.” - 37:24

“It was like playing a chess match.” 48:48

“You have to maintain your poker face.” - 49:44

“There were times that I had to say I need to slow down and just appreciate this moment.” - 54:49

“To have all that work come together and to see it come to reality, where you had thought it, that just was an incredible feeling.” - 59:19

Episode Timeline: (see Dion Leonard episode timeline)

Social Media:

Instagram: HarveyLewisUltrarunner (@harveylewisultrarunner) • Instagram photos and videos

Twitter: HarveyLewis (@HarveyLewisRuns) / Twitter

Facebook: Harvey Lewis - Ultra Runner | Facebook

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Guest: Dion Leonard

Episode Title: Harvey Lewis on Winning Badwater 135! w/ 6th Place Dion Leonard



Bio: Dion Leonard is an ultrarunner, animal lover,  New York Times bestselling author, and motivational speaker. Dion is known in the ultrarunning world for his numerous top ten finishes in some of the hardest ultramarathons around the world. A few of his running accomplishments include being the first male to complete the Grand Slam and Leadman Series in the same year, placing second overall in the Triple Crown of 200’s, winning the Kalahri 250 km Extreme Marathon, placing second in the Gobi Desert 250 km Ultramarathon, and most recently coming in 6th place overall at his inaugural Badwater 135 run! In his spare time, Dion hangs out with his ever loyal dog, Gobi, who he met and ran with in the Gobi Desert 250 km Ultramarathon. Gobi sparked a love for animals in Dion which has since motivated Dion to use his platform to bring awareness to animals in need.  

Quote from podcast episode:

“Running has been not only a great physical thing for me, but mentally as well. It’s been a huge help to deal with those demons from the past.” - 5:56

“For me, being at Badwater was quite a journey as well, and it was more than I ever thought possible: running 100 and 200 mile races and everything in between in order to get there.” - 12:20

“I didn't care what position or what time, I just wanted to make it happen for everyone that was there for me.” - 20:01

‘The camaraderie at Badwater is like nothing else.” - 23:26

“It’s 100 degrees out there and he’s sitting in a chair shivering… the body goes through so much throughout that race.” - 31:21

“It’s not just the road of death for 135 miles, it’s pretty incredible beauty out there.” - 46:00

“You couldn't do it without the rest of your team, you couldn't do it without all those other races, and all those other things you have been through to get to that point.”1:04:57

Episode Timeline:

2:27 Harvey Lewis’ running origins

4:15 Dion’s Leonard’s running origins

7:10 running as both therapy and adventure

8:00 dealing with negative thoughts while running

8:20 talking during races

11:36 how Dion Leonard got started running 100 milers

13:46 running the Arrowhead 135 “the antithesis of the Badwater 135”

18:05 most intimidating factor of the 2021 Badwater 135 race

21:20 Dion’s 2021 Badwater 135 race strategy  

25:24 Harvey’s  2021 Badwater 135 race strategy  

32:04 nighttime start time

35:57 heat training

39:25 the moment Harvey knew he would win

48:55 the importance of a good crew

51:35 Lone Pine

58:19 thoughts crossing the finish line

1:01:15 how this win compares to Harvey’s first Badwater win in 2014

1:02:50 Dion’s finish line thoughts

1:05:20 puppies!

1:09:33 Dion’s upcoming races 

1:10:14 Harvey’s upcoming races

1:11:25 Rob’s upcoming races

T4U hopes you enjoy this episode as Rob, Harvey, and Dion provide a candid recap of this year's Badwater 135 race! This episode is a unique reflection of Badwater in that it places an experienced Badwater veteran in conversation with a first time Badwater crew member and a first time Badwater racer.

Social Media:

Instagram: Dion Leonard & Gobi the Dog (@findinggobi) • Instagram photos and videos

Twitter: Finding Gobi (@findinggobi) / Twitter

Facebook: Finding Gobi | Facebook

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