Training For Ultra's Training Diaries - Issue #3


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Corinne Shalvoy

Corinne Shalvoy’s TOP 5 Trail and Ultra Tips

1 - Throw Pace Out the Window! 

When running trails and technical terrain, remember that pace is all relative.  A 20 minute mile on steep rocky terrain might be SUPER FAST!  Just enjoy the trail and go by effort not by the watch.

2 - Consciously Maintain Form Late in Long Efforts

It’s easy to hunch over when you get tired (something I personally struggle with) and compromise your form and oxygen intake.  Tell yourself to run tall and imagine your lungs staying nice and open and your glutes firing.

3 - Remember to Eat and Drink

Stay ahead of hydration and nutrition and use your training runs to practice what you will use in races.

4 - Stay Positive

Positive self-talk, appreciation for your surroundings, gratitude for the ability to run are all performance enhancing and can make or break a run or race.  Smile, even if it’s a bit of a grimace and you’ll be surprised how you start to feel better!

5 - Have Solid Gear That You Know Work For You  

A pair of go-to shoes, a nice hydration vest, good anti-chafe, quality socks are all things that can help you stay running longer and more comfortably for years and years to come.

~See you on the trails!

Guest: Molly Kassouf

Episode Title: Ethan Wayne & Molly Kassouf - The John Wayne Cancer Foundation and Running to Fight Cancer

Bio: Molly Kassouf is an accomplished race director (R.D.) and trail runner from Newport, California. She switched from road running to trail running in 2006 when she fell in love with Newport’s beautiful running trails.  This September, Molly will be running in the Lake Sonoma 50 miler! Molly is also on the Power Bar Elite Team. She has been directing races all over the Western U.S. for the past 13 years and for the past two and a half years she has been the R.D. for the John Wayne Cancer Foundation’s Grit Series. The Grit Series is a series of trail races ranging in distance from 5k to 25k. These races take place all over America’s ruggedly picturesque “Wild West” and attract a diverse group; everyone from experienced trail runners, to first-time runners, hikers, cancer survivors, and John Wayne fans! The locations range from either somewhere John Wayne filmed a movie or wished he had! These races raise money for the John Wayne Cancer Foundations groundbreaking cancer-fighting research and education programs.

Quote from podcast episode: 

“As a team we [The John Wayne Cancer Foundation] rallied with so much unknown pretty amazingly. It was incredible to see how we just kept moving forward with our mission.” - 4:31

“We all know as ultrarunners sometimes you got great finishes and sometimes you don't, but that's all part of life; you got grit, strength, and courage.” - 1:03:15

Episode Timeline: 

2:09 The John Wayne Cancer Foundation and COVID-19 

9:00 Ethan Wayne’s personal experience with melanoma 

14:39 John Wayne Cancer Foundation fellowship program expansion

17:00 Iconic and historic race locations

22:07 The strategy behind planning race routes

32:20 Fort Worth Stockyards race 

37:04 Life growing up on film sets as John Wayne’s son

42:45 The main qualities of a hard worker and how John Wayne crafted his character

47:20 Being in a film and experiencing films with John Wayne

50:54 Molly and Ethan on working together to make these races a reality

54:03 Future plans for the Grit Series and overall John Wayne experience

57:35 Reflections on the ageless nature of the wilderness

58:58 Molly’s favorite aspect of the John Wayne Grit Race Series

1:00:34 Ethan’s favorite aspect of the John Wayne Grit Race Series

1:01:20 Any chance of a John Wayne ultramarathon?!

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Guest: Ethan Wayne

Bio: Ethan Wayne is John Wayne’s youngest son and the director of the John Wayne Cancer Foundation. The John Wayne Cancer Foundation was founded upon the request of John Wayne himself who asked that his name be used in the fight against cancer. Cancer has sadly affected a few members of the Wayne family, including John Wayne himself, but the foundation these tragedies inspired has helped thousands of people. The foundation fights cancer through their fellowship programs, support groups, educational programs, and pioneering research. Throughout Ethan’s childhood his father made sure to cultivate an appreciation for nature. Ethan has some great stories, as he spent most of his childhood on John Wayne movie sets all over the North American West, as well as, quite a bit of time enjoying the open sea on John Wayne’s beloved boat the “Wild Goose.” The John Wayne Grit Series harmoniously combines both John Wayne's love of the great outdoors with his passion for fighting cancer. To complete any trail run from a 5k to a 100k takes determination and grit, these same qualities are invaluable in the fight against cancer. T4U is incredibly excited to announce this new partnership with the John Wayne Cancer Foundation. Getting gritty and doing good - two things T4U and its community are great at!

T4U hopes you enjoy this episode where Rob, Molly, and Ethan chat about everything from trail running and John Wayne, to fighting cancer and what this awesome new partnership means for T4U!

Quote from podcast episode: 

“If you can educate a kid and parents to try to prevent that kid from getting a blistering sunburn before they are, say 20 or before they turn into an adult, then they are 50% less likely later in life to develop a malignancy.” - 10:45

“You can take the medicine or you can live your life in a way that you won't need the medicine; we [The John Wayne Cancer Foundation] try to look at both aspects.” - 12:07

“In some ways these runs remind me of what it's like to work on a film set because we have a small group of bright people, who are dedicated and hardworking, and we go out to an area we get the run set and we put on a great event for people… We come in like John Wayne would and want to make sure we leave that place better than we found it and we leave a good impression with the local population.” - 41:53

Episode Timeline: (see Molly Kassouf Episode Timeline)

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Ethan’s dog’s Instagram: Ethan Wayne (@travelingwithfinn) • Instagram photos and videos

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