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Training For Ultra's Virtual Challenge

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Welcome to the first-ever race by Training For Ultra! We are offering 2 timed challenges - a 6-hour event and a 12-hour event, along with some traditional virtual distances as well. Please join the Training For Ultra group on Strava so we can verify your distance/time achieved over the time you have signed up for ( Other methods of verification include emailing us directly at All participants of each event will be mailed a wooden finisher medal as seen in this event's photos. Regardless of the distance/time you achieve, we want to inspire you to get out for a few hours of walking, hiking, running! It does not matter if you put in those miles on a giant mountain and use your GPS watch to track the time or inside on a treadmill, please just input your distance/time on Strava or email us photo proof of the distance/time off your treadmill or GPS watch. It is also easy to self-report your result on the UltraSignUp page for this race by hitting the Self Report button. Start your challenge or distance at any time during February 19th. Participants outside the United States are welcome to join this event and an additional $20 international shipping charge will be required for those interested.

Don't forget to enjoy your virtual challenge!


Michael McTighe 22:50
Marjorie Mitchell 36:21:00
Latisha Cannon 58:50:00
Josephine Arwood 1:11:04
Scott Munro 1:27:44
Elizabeth Almendarez 1:28:04
Heather Bishop 1:34:00
Abdulla Al-Thani 1:50:05
Myron Allbright 2:17:00
Ross Bielak 3:10:29
Tom Kleinknecht 4:29:48
Shawna Williams 4:31:22
Daniel Bishop DNS
Jamie Miller 4:11:02
Kent Liker 4:22:16
John Prokop 4:28:04
Caleb Hubbard 5:29:58
Julie Huyett 5:30
Allie Murphy 7:11:48
Micky Cecil 7:12:55
Jason Johnson 7:27:31
Jason Cummins 7:44:00
Mike Galvin DNS
6 Hour
Rebekah Zultanky 25 miles
Amanda Hofeditz 17.36 miles
Michelle Ganson 17.2 miles
Winston Hofeditz 13.98 miles
Ryan Gressett 9:24 miles
Joe Stanek DNS
12 Hour
John Meier

26.2 miles




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