Training For Ultra

Training For Ultra - Ultra Running Stories From the Middle of the Pack

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Training For Ultra - Ultra Running Stories From the Middle of the Pack
Expected Release Date: March 1, 2019
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This book has a single purpose - to inspire you to run! Through sharing a detailed account of my first three years of pursuing running from the middle to back of the pack, it will hopefully show you you are capable of much more than you may think. After my father almost died of a heart attack, it was time for me to change everything. Little did I know how much I would learn after taking on some physical exercise. A radical diet change allowed me to lose a forth of my body weight and it gave me boundless energy to get outside and explore. It’s not clear to me why I chose running ultra marathons of all forms of exercise, since I was unable to run beyond 1 mile just a few years prior. But since that fateful day, I’ve never looked back. I was finding that sometimes the experiences of training for ultra could be just as rich and fulfilling as the ultra event itself.

From the Back Cover

"Life is better if you're a runner! We all have the ability to transcend and push our own limits to find out what's possible.  Never stop being inspired, learning from your mistakes, setting new goals, and going after them with all your heart and soul! This is what Rob captures with Training For Ultra."  
~Camille Herron, 2017 Comrades Champion and 100 Mile World Record Holder

"It's been great to have people like Rob and Training For Ultra to allow the community to better connect, tell those stories, and draw inspiration from each other."
~John Kelly, 15th Ever Barkley Marathon Finisher, Accomplished Triathlete, World Record Holder 

"Rob is the ultra community's story teller (period). I've had the pleasure of getting to know Rob through his podcast. His stories are raw, honest and exemplify the ultra running community's passion, enthusiasm for the developing sport."
~Anna Mae Flynn, Professional Mountain/Ultra/Trail Athlete

"I am a dedicated follower of the Training For Ultra Podcast and I'm excited for the book! It has been incredible to see the growth of his podcast over the last couple years with amazing athletes joining Rob on this incredible journey!" 
~Hayden Hawks, Professional Mountain/Ultra/Trail Athlete


Rob Steger was born in Columbus, Ohio. He started running in 2015 when his father nearly died of a heart attack. After losing weight, Rob decided to take on the goal of running an ultramarathon, even if he was unable to run a single mile. Taking one photo during each training run, people began to follow the journey, and Training For Ultra was born. Since then, Rob has finished 18 ultramarathons, including the Moab 240. He hosts the podcast Training For Ultra, an iTunes Top 100 rated outdoors podcast. Rob is a self proclaimed "middle of the pack runner at best" and loves the trail and ultra running community. His goal is simple: to inspire you to run.